Island Fairway Estates, a Water Access subdivision, was improved in 1974, with 193 lots. Sixty-two houses have been built in the subdivision.

The Architectural Control Committee, based on the Island Fairway Estates Covenant, has established the following standards, summarized below. A complete list of the standards may be found in the section titled "ACC Building Information. Plans for ANY construction must be approved by the ACC prior to construction.

The minimum Livable Space in a single family residence must be at least 1800 square feet. Garages are required and must measure at least 18' x 18'. Multi-family residences are found facing Park Road 22.

A two-story home cannot exceed 35 feet or 2 and ½ stories in height. At least 900 square feet are required on the ground floor.

At least two-thirds of the exterior of the structure must be stucco or brick. With ACC approval, other materials may be used for the remaining one-third of the building.

Fences on the golf course side of the property may not exceed 4 feet in height. Walls or fences built in front of the front face of the building must be constructed of 100% masonry, or material approved by the ACC. Wire fencing is not permitted.

The Side Building Line must be a minimum of 5 feet.