The Galleon Bay Subdivisions 2 and 3 were improved in 1967, one of the first two subdivisions on the Island. Block 75 in Section 2 and Block 71, Lots 1 through 9, are designated multi-family lots, with the remainder of the Subdivisions to be developed as single family homes. There are no Patio Lots in Galleon Bay.

Section 2 consists of 229 total lots with 156 Waterfront and 73 Water Access lots. At present, 165 lots have been built as either single or multi-family residences. All of the 168 total lots in Section 3 are Water Access; with 94 homes or multi-family dwellings presently constructed.

The Architectural Control Committee, based on the Galleon Bay Covenants, has established the following standards, summarized below. A complete list of the standards may be found in the section titled "ACC Building Information". Plans for any construction must be approved by the ACC prior to construction.

The minimum Livable Space in a single family residence must be at least 1,600 square feet. Garages are required and must measure at least 18 ' by 18'.

A two-story house cannot exceed 35 feet in height; with at least 800 square feet required on the ground floor.

At least two-thirds of the exterior of the house must consist of either stucco or brick. With ACC approval, other materials may be used for the remaining one-third.

Fences cannot exceed 6 feet in height from the natural ground. Walls or fences built in front of the front face of the building must be constructed of 100% masonry, or material approved by the ACC. Wire fencing is not permitted.

The Front Building Line on a Waterfront lot is 25 feet; a Water Access lot is 30 feet; and an end lot on a cul-de-sac is 15 feet.

The Rear Building Line on a Waterfront lot is 30 feet. There are no restrictive building lines in Galleon Bay.

The Side Building Line setback is a minimum of 6 feet. The total width of both side yards is at least 20% of the width of the lot at the Front Property Line.

The Mooring Area for decks, docks, boatlifts, piers or mooring posts is a maximum of 10 feet.