Community Information

Welcome to Padre Island and the Padre Isles Property Owners Association (PIPOA)

We hope this information will be helpful to you.

Membership in the POA is automatic for those acquiring record legal title to properties within Padre Isles. Specific details regarding incorporation, membership, voting rights, meetings, corporate management, officers, assessments, etc. are contained in our Articles of Incorporation and in our Bylaws, which may be found in other sections of this web site. You should have been informed by your realtor or at closing that your property is subject to certain Protective Covenants and Landowners’ agreement. These recorded legal documents, running with the land, cover such subjects as: Architectural Control, General Land Use, Size, Design and Placement of Improvements, and the Maintenance Fund.

Architectural Control requires that plans for any construction project must be submitted and the fee paid prior to starting any construction. Any building, structure or improvement of any nature to be erected, placed or altered on any lot or canal within our subdivisions involves a detailed approval and inspection process, detailed in our Policy & Procedure Guidelines and Construction Standards.

General Land Use specifies the type of buildings, such as single-family, multi-family or commercial; and the prohibitions against used materials, outside toilets, oil drilling, large or multiple signs, temporary dwellings, front yard antennas, as well as maintaining your property in good condition.

Size, Design and Placement of Improvements includes: facing, minimum square footage, building lines, wind loading, aesthetics, fences/walls, foundations, height, and parking areas.

Our POA was incorporated in 1976, in accordance with the Texas Non-Profit Act, to act as trustee, custodian and administrator of the “Maintenance Fund”. There is an elected seven member volunteer Board of Directors and a paid staff of three.

We know that settling in can be a busy, confusing time, and you may not have time to review all our rules and regulations right away. This is why we have selected some information to get you started off on the right foot with your neighbors. Please view the Community Expectations Checklist.

HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS is a way of life on the Gulf Coast. Everyone needs to develop a plan to evacuate the Island and to protect individuals, pets and property. You will need two forms of I.D. with an island address to return to the island. Examples are a driver’s license and an auto insurance card. An identification card can be obtained at the POA office, if you do not have your Island address on your driver’s license.

POA MEETINGS: The Board of Directors meets on the fourth Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Meetings are currently held at Island Presbyterian Church Annex. You are welcome and encouraged to attend any meeting as well as to volunteer to serve on committees.

Again, we welcome you, both as a property owner and as a member of the POA. If we can be of help, please call us.

Padre Isles Property Owners Association